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Do You Know the Correct Operation of the Power Trowel?

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The power trowel is suitable for the smoothing work of large-area cement floor. Compared with the hand-held trowel machine, its construction efficiency and quality are obviously improved, and the double-grinding disc is simple, flexible and quick. It gradually replaces the hand-held trowel, saving time and effort, and is the common equipment for construction projects. Our power trowel has a brand-name quality guarantee, superior performance and easy start-up. Its gearbox is designed with large modulus, aluminum alloy case, maintenance-free and long service life. The power trowel blade support arm is made of ultra-large diameter carbon structural steel which is strictly heat treated and is durable. The handrail adopts a flat gear adjustment mechanism, which is flexible and convenient, and can be easily operated by workers of different heights. The scientifically designed centrifugal clutch transmission mechanism has large transmission torque, long service life and maintenance-free. The tilting direction of the spatula coincides with the direction of rotation of the rotor, and the V-belt is driven by the gasoline engine to rotate the spatula rotor. When operating, first hold the joystick, start the gasoline engine, and wipe the cement floor with a spatula.

Power trowel product features

Single-operated high-efficiency light-receiving gearbox with large-modulus design, aluminum alloy case, maintenance-free and long service life. The two-disc driving trowel can be equipped with two wipers at the same time for quick pulping. The trowel blade support arm is made of super-large-diameter carbon structural steel which is strictly heat-treated, which can adapt to the barbarism of individual workers. The self-driving road edger is equipped with a high horsepower point to start the engine, providing strong and reliable power. The console is simple and beautiful, and the operation is easy and flexible. The small gasoline driving wiper mechanical steering system is responsive, easy to operate and comfortable. The internal combustion type high-power power trowel adopts driving type operation, which greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. Single-operated high-efficiency light collector, self-driving road edger, and driving mortar power trowel are coarse and fine trowels for concrete surfaces. The surface of the machine construction is smoother and smoother than the surface of the artificial construction, which can greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface, and the work efficiency is more than doubled in manual work.

Power trowel application field

The operation of the concrete power trowel greatly reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency. It has a double disc, which is heavier and has a better compaction effect on the ground. Its construction effect is significantly higher than other construction machines, and two pulping discs can be installed at the same time for quick pulping. It has a mechanical steering operating system that is responsive and easy to control. Its engine is equipped with powerful and reliable power and stable operation. The unique safety handle allows the operator to safely control and operate freely. The adjustable handle makes the operator feel comfortable and reduces fatigue. Its main structure is a gasoline engine driven spatula rotor with four spatulas on the bottom of the cross in the middle of the rotor.

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