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Difference between Steel Plate Bit and Twist Bit for Magnetic Drill Machine

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Twist drills have been drilling for a long time. So it is the oldest in terms of technology maturity or customer practicality. In contrast, the hollow drill bits often seen on magnetic drill machine are also widely used. So what are their advantages?

First, we need to know why there are hollow bits and coring bits. It is because of the working principle of twist drill and the large cross-sectional area of the head of twist drill, so the resistance encountered is very large. If the diameter of the drill hole increases, the lateral force of the drill handle is very large, so the research and development of hollow drill bit has been achieved. The steel plate drill is one of the coring bits, so the resistance of drilling reduces a lot. So the advantage of steel plate drills is that they can drill large holes, while twist drills are generally used for small holes.

Hollow bit is also a new product in recent two years. Its purpose is to complete drilling work more efficiently, reduce time and labor waste.

Second, what is the difference between twist drills and hollow drills?

Hollow drill has high efficiency, high cost, while hollow drill is limited to penetrating holes. For example, if you want to drill blind holes, you can't use hollow drills. In general, if the factory is to catch up with the construction period, and the fineness is also good, the preferred case is the carbide hollow drill bit. If the drilling time of twist drill is about 2 minutes, the hollow drill has less than 20 seconds, which greatly improves the production efficiency to meet the needs of the project.

Someone asked us if we could use a rocker drill or a magnetic seat to drill holes in these materials. The usual rocker drill and 
magnetic drill machine are conical shank drills, so hollow drills must be equipped with switching sleeves to use.

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