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Development Situation Of Domestic Construction Hardware Machinery At Present

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With the development of steel products, construction machinery has developed rapidly in recent years. According to 304 stainless steel tube professor Liu in Chongqing, architectural hardware originated from manual workshop such the blacksmith shop, coppersmith shop and tinsmith shop. In Tang dynasty, there was the nail-making workshop, producing nails, latches, locks, and fence post knocker manually. However, due to the use of wooden and stone structures in most ancient buildings, the development of architectural hardware was very slow in the past few thousand years. After the 19th century, with the widespread use of metal materials and the needs of social life, architectural hardware developed rapidly. There were many small factories or workshops producing steel nails, hinges, latches, window hooks, nozzle valves, wire woven window screens and so on. Then, adopt the mechanical processing equipment to replace manual production,so many specialized enterprises have been formed. With the continuous improvement of various building facilities standards, modern building hardware products have developed from a single variety to a series and the requirement of artistic and decorative effect is higher. The production technology of building hardware products has also made great progress. Most of the products have developed from the original semi-manual, semi-mechanical operation to semi-automatic or fully automatic mechanical production line. The building hardware has been expanded from the traditional copper alloy and low carbon steel to various composite materials such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, plastic, and glass fiber reinforced plastics. But the building hardware industry also presents a series of problems despite the development.

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