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Details to be noted when using a 2 Stroke Petrol Breaker

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The 2 stroke petrol breaker is a breaker which can run by electricity. After using it for a long time, people must check every part of the breaker in time for safety. For this thing, people need to pay attention to details. Loving this thing is to take care of their own lives, so we must not ignore the details. Next, Hangzhou Bycon Industry Co., Ltd. will explain these details to you, hoping to help you understand the 2 stroke petrol breaker.

First, all kinds of components must be in good condition.

Every part is linked together, once there is a little error, then it is impossible to run, so before using, we must make sure that the parts are in good condition, and fill up the places that need refueling as far as possible, and also pay attention to some parts to avoid oil leakage phenomenon. When starting the breaker, we must ensure that there is a signal, otherwise it must not be turned on, power supply and other components must be perfect, which can not be squeezed, and all kinds of parts need to rotate without friction.

Second, the details to be noticed in cleaning parts

People have to clean the motor and other parts of a 2 stroke petrol breaker. Don't let anything else interfere with the start of the engine, otherwise the damage will be very serious. Stone-loaded parts can not bend or deform, which can easily affect the effect of the work, so we should pay attention to check the parts at a fixed time. No breakage can occur between each connected component, and it can be fully connected.

In the work to pay attention to their own safety, people should pay attention to the necessary details, which is small to a small part and large to the whole crusher. From installation to cleaning to inspection, every step needs to be careful, and it is best to not make mistakes.

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