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Cleaning of Hydraulic Valve of Hydraulic Jack and Use of Solenoid Valve

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Cleaning of hydraulic valve of hydraulic jack:

1. When the hydraulic valve shifts, the valve mouth and installation surface should be covered with a dust cover to prevent impurities from entering the valve body.

2. Kerosene or gasoline shall be used for valve cleaning.

3. Valve cleaning should be handled lightly, not forcibly disassembled and assembled, in order to avoid brushing or damage, should be disassembled and assembled in sequence.

4. Valves should not be used as gaskets or hammered.

5. When the valve is reinstalled, the sealing ring of the sealing surface shall be replaced as far as possible.

6. When installing the valve, fasten the fixing bolt of the hydraulic valve with a certain moment, neither too tight nor too loose.

Use of solenoid valve of hydraulic jack:

1. Prohibit solenoid valves from using power sources that exceed the voltage standard.

2. When using AC 220V, please pay attention to safety.

3. Connect appropriate grounding wires at specified grounding terminals.

4. Can't electrify the two-way solenoid valve at the same time.

5. The solenoid valve should not be used beyond the maximum switching frequency.

6. Use of conventional solenoid valves in flammable and explosive environments is prohibited except for specified products.

7. It is not allowed to use the top solenoid spool to avoid jamming. 
Gasoline jack is a branch of hydraulic jack. The cleaning and use of hydraulic valve and solenoid valve can also refer to the above methods.

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