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Cause and Treatment of Jamming of Drill Bit

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The core drilling machine is a kind of drilling machine. The drilling point is composed of two narrow and long first drilling point surfaces and two triangular hook like second drilling point surfaces. There are three main reasons for the drill bit stuck.

The chip removal of the core drilling machine is not good. It may be that the water volume of dry drilling or cooling water is too small, resulting in the sticking of debris that cannot be discharged; during the drilling process, the drilling object is brittle and forms large particles or small steel bars inside, which can not be discharged due to large size; the bit head is not welded firmly, resulting in the sticking due to the dropped head.

In order to avoid affecting the working process, it is necessary to take measures to prevent and eliminate the drill bit jamming. When drilling, the driller shall pay attention to the sound. When the sound is abnormal, the driller shall timely raise the drill bit to check whether there is debris or core fracture and take it out in time. When encountering drilling objects that are easy to break core or have large particles of gravel or small steel bars, the feed pressure shall be reduced, and the drilling condition of the drilling machine shall be paid attention to at any time.

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