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Be Sure to Ask Three Questions about the Model of A Small Petrol Post Driver

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The small petrol post driver is a device used for flood control piling. This small petrol post driver is divided into four types. So what reference do we need to purchase when purchasing the petrol post driver model?

1. Consider the diameter requirements of the piling body
The diameter of the petrol post driver determines the matching of the model of the petrol post driver with the demand. When purchasing a petrol post driver, it is necessary to select a petrol post driver of the appropriate diameter according to the expected rescue situation and demand. If the selected diameters do not match, it directly affects whether the petrol post driver function can be used when needed.

2. Consider using petrol post driver efficiency
In the process of flood prevention and rescue, high efficiency is the most important point of emergency rescue. At the moment of life's vitality, the rescue time must strive for every minute, so the efficiency of the petrol post driver is the most important point in the rescue process.

3. Consider the mobile transportation of petrol post driver
The convenience of the petrol post driver determines whether it can be quickly moved and installed for construction and rescue operations when the rescue needs are met.

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