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Analysis of Guide Clearance of Manual Tile Cutting Machine

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Guide clearance of manual tile cutting machine (different from the floor saw cutting machine) refers to the clearance between two guide rollers and two guide sides of front guide rail. There is a guide clearance between the transverse carriage (or cutting torch carriage) and the transverse front guide rail (or cross beam) and a guide clearance between the longitudinal carriage and the longitudinal front guide rail. Excessive guide clearance will affect the perpendicularity and movement accuracy of X direction and Y direction. The size of the guide clearance can be felt by gently turning the guide rollers on both sides of the front guide rail by hand. In each pair of guide rollers, the inner guide roller is installed in an eccentric shaft manner, and a shaft extension end for adjustment is arranged above the guide roller.

Turn the eccentric shaft to adjust the guide clearance. During adjustment, it is forbidden to press the guide roller too tightly against the side of the track. Generally, it is supposed to rotate the eccentric shaft of the cutting machine slightly. When the guide roller is felt to press against the side of the track, reverse a small angle to make it have a small clearance, and then lock the eccentric shaft. The longitudinal carriage has two pairs of guide rollers for the longitudinal front guide rail, thus also has two adjusting eccentric shafts. The guide structure of the transverse carriage to the transverse front track is similar to that of the longitudinal carriage to the longitudinal front track, and the adjustment method is the same.

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