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Analysis Of Crusher Wear

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The crusher is crushing equipment wear has become inured to the unusual phenomenon, at the same time it is also the number one problem of manufacturers and users pay much attention to. There is a saying called "an antidote against the disease," the root of the problem is the key to find the visible, the mining expert Alessandro heavy industries and to explore together the broken machine wear what are the reasons?

The liner is broken a wear-resistant parts on the machine, in the work process should bear some impact and abrasion. Wear of materials is more than two objects friction surface in the reverseforce, process and effect of relative motion of medium temperature environment, the shape, size, structure and properties of change. In the process of friction and wear is due to the interaction of the surface material, produce a kind of migration or loss caused by the wear surface of hard particlesor hard protuberance and materials. Wear is caused by friction, but also an important cause of the energy and material damage, in various fields in the national economy and daily life.

Crusher lining failure is mainly caused by wear and tear. Wear is one of the main causes of failureof mechanical parts, mechanical parts of life, have a great impact on the safety and reliability. Forwear widely exist in production and daily life, has brought great loss to the national economy. Dailyincomplete statistics, energy consumption of 1/3~2/3 on friction and wear of materials, about 80%, the invalidation of components is caused by abrasion, wear, the wear caused by the economic lossaccounted for more than 50%, many mechanical parts such as sand and soil, rock, ore, cement and other materials the interaction of mining machinery, engineering mechanical equipment, powder; water and power equipment in many mechanical parts etc..

Abrasion not only consumes the energy, waste materials, resulting in a great waste of the huge loss of economy and social resources, but also caused by wear, replacement of parts repair workconsumption of manpower and material resources as well as reduce productivity loss is more serious.

According to statistics, about 3000000 tons of metal wear resistant materials consumed every year in our country, in which each year by the ball mill wear caused by the consumption of nearly 1800000 tons, the roll consumption of nearly 500000 tons, crusher, ball mill, crusher liningconsumption of nearly 300000 tons, all kinds of engineering of excavators and loaders bucket teeth, all kinds of crusher hammer, all kinds of track plate, all kinds of wearable pipe consumptionmore than 500000 tons.

From the above statement is not difficult to find, hammerhead and cleading is mining equipment intwo parts wear the most serious mountain, Shanghai Zhuo remind the manufacturers and users, easy to wear pieces to choose the material with high wear resistance, but also pay attention totimely maintenance, regular inspection, timely replacement.

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