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Advantages and Precautions of Piling of Portable Petrol Post Knocker

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The advantages and benefits of the petrol post knocker as a common tool for flood control and rescue piling have made it widely used. Let me introduce you to the details.

The structure of the petrol post knocker is very simple, including the main engine and power equipment. The power is gasoline. Piling is not restricted by the environment and no power is required. Therefore, the use is very extensive. The operation is very simple and the energy generated is large, and the piling is very fast.

The use of portable petrol post knocker realizes mechanized piling, which reduces the labor intensity and facilitates the rescue of rescue troops.

What are the notes when the petrol post knocker is piling?
The power source of the portable petrol post knocker is to use the compressed air to expand and hit the hammer. This method of piling is faster and more convenient.

Portable petrol post knockers are often used in engineering. To ensure safety, accurate measurement and evaluation of the construction site should be carried out before piling. When piling, be sure not to be biased, causing bending and breaking the pile. The speed at the time of piling should be the same. The interval between the continuous hammer and each hammer should not be too long. Otherwise, the frictional resistance of the piling will increase due to the consolidation of the soil, which will eventually affect the piling.

Of course, if the portable petrol post knocker often has a large resilience during the piling, it may be because the mass of the hammer is too light. It is recommended to replace it in time to prevent the impact of piling efficiency.

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