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Advantages and Characteristics of Crusher and Crushing Principle

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In the general sense, the use of crusher (such as petrol concrete breaker) has been limited to ore smelting or material making.

First, it needs to be clear that which industries the basic principle of crusher can closely cooperate with.

Jaw stone crusher is a crushing machine that crushes or medium crushes various hard materials by the squeezing and bending action of two jaw plates.

Roller stone crusher is a machine that uses the friction force of roller surface to bite the material into the crushing area and make it bear extrusion or splitting to crush. The heating method of hammer crusher cannot be used to prevent bonding materials. And screen plates are arranged at the bottom which increases the possibility of blockage and screen plates should be adapted to the feeding range of grinding equipment. Roller crusher is usually divided into single roller, double roller and multi-roller crusher according to the number of rollers, suitable for coarse crushing, medium crushing or fine crushing of coal, limestone, cement clinker, feldspar and other materials below medium hardness.

Crusher is mainly used for crushing and destroying work in the industry. Compared with grinding equipment, crusher has more significant effect on large-size and large-particle materials. The adjustment of particle size of the hammer crusher can only be realized by changing the screen bottom.

Second, comparison between hammer crusher and impact crusher, following the upper hand of technology. The adjustment of the gap is mechanically or hydraulically adjustable. The hydraulic system can easily adjust the gap by the local control system through buttons or remote controls. The impact hammer only looks at the material on one side. It isn't only limited to traditional industries. According to different models, crushers are divided into cone crushers, impact crushers, jaw crushers, impact crushers, petrol concrete breaker, etc. Different working principles are applied in different material processing processes. Through practice, we found that many industries still need to crush materials. It is mainly used for medium-sized crushing of various ores and large pieces of materials, and is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. This kind of crusher is usually used to crush brittle materials below medium hardness such as limestone, shale, coal, gypsum, chalk, etc.

The ore in our company is mixed evenly to a certain extent through crushing, screening and transportation. In particular, the ore is distributed back and forth in layers in the intermediate storage bin and grinding bin by moving the throw-off carriage or shuttle belt, and then discharged from the discharging equipment at the bottom of the bin as planned, so that the ore is further mixed evenly. And the grinding rod at the bottom can be easily replaced. The plate hammer is fixedly mounted on the high-speed rotating rotor, and a plurality of counter plates are arranged at different angles along the crushing cavity. Even though materials rarely penetrate on this side.

1. Its wear abrasion are smaller than that of hammer crusher parts and its metal utilization rate is high.

Composite stone crusher is suitable for crushing limestone, clinker, coal and other ores in building materials, mining, metallurgy and chemical industries. Its compressive strength is not more than 140 MPa and humidity is not more than 15%.

2. It is convenient and flexible to adjust the particle size and wide tuning range.

3. Easily prepared spare parts reduce maintenance and replacement.

4. A large amount of material moisture can be dealt with, which prevents crusher blockage. Our company has rich experience in crusher production and first-class technical strength. There are 100 hammers in the crushers which replace one hammer that takes a lot of time and manpower and needs much more repair and maintenance cost.

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