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A Special Tool On A Lathe, Have You Ever Seen This Drilling Method?

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Hollow bit is also known as coring bit, hole opener, center bit, steel plate bit, magnetic drill bit, rail bit and so on.

Hollow bit is of complete types and specifications. It is suitable for various brands of imported magnetic block drill (magnetic drill) and general drilling machine, milling machine, boring machine, etc. If the product is compatible with imported magnetic base drill, the drilling efficiency is 8~10 times of ordinary drill.

Hollow bit (also known as multi-blade steel plate drill or core drill) is a multi-blade annular cutting bit with high efficiency. The drill hole diameter is from 12mm to 150mm. It is mainly applied in drilling steel components, drilling fields such as steel structure engineering, rail transit, bridges, ships, machinery manufacturing, aerospace and so on. Its drilling performance is obviously better than the traditional two-edged twist drill, and has the characteristics of high drilling efficiency, light and labor-saving drilling. The multi-blade steel plate drill and the magnetic pedestal drilling machine can be used for multi-directional drilling of large workpieces. The operation is convenient and flexible, effectively shortening the construction time. It has become the preferred tool for drilling and ring groove machining of modern steel components.

Three combined blade structures adopted in blade, unequal separation of tooth pitch and special carbide blade are the fruit of unique technology of Hengfeng "EST". Three combined blades are composed of several outer blades, middle blades and inner blades. In the cutting process, each blade only bears about 1/3 of the workload and there is also a cutter inside of each blade. So, it make the chip removal smooth.

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