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2023 Year-End Party

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Gathered here on Feb 4th, we celebrate the remarkable journey we undertook throughout the entirety of 2023—a celebration of achievements, a token of appreciation for our hardworking employees, and a grand welcome to the opportunities that 2024 unfolds.

Part One: CEO-Speech

Mr. Damon Chen takes the stage to weave the narrative of 2024. Through three compelling short stories on Confidence, Game Theory, and Consensus, he sets the tone for the year ahead—a journey marked by resilience, strategic thinking, and unity.

Part Two: Staff Show

Our talented employees take center stage, divided into four teams, each presenting exquisitely prepared performances. Beyond the team acts, personal performances showcase the unique spirit within our workforce. The crowning moments go to the Best Performance Team and Individual, honored with well-deserved prizes.

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Part Three: Prize Presentation

A pivotal segment where we acknowledge and reward outstanding contributions. These awards are not just markers of individual success but symbols of the collaborative ethos that defines our company culture.

Party Four: Dinner Party with Music, Dancing

The Dinner Party with Music and Dancing marks the culmination of our celebration—a moment to savor the success, forge new connections, and embrace the spirit of unity that defines our company.

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In closing, a heartfelt thank you to every individual for their dedication and hard work, for shaping this company into the incredible family it has become. Let the applause resonate as we toast to a year of collective effort and achievements. Here's to the indomitable spirit that propels us forward!

Cheers to a year of hard work and the promise of an even brighter future!

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