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2020 Bycon First Technical Learning

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The first day of April and the new day of Quarter 2, the first time we witness the world operates in troubled water. More and more foreign countries, cities are locked down to prevent residents from infection of COVID-19. It's cold ice time for the whole world economy and manufacturing industry, keeping healthy and improving your job knowledge is the most significant way for next blooming and reopen.

Today, Bycon organized a special learning class for salesmen. They gathered together at the workshop to watch, touch and assemble diamond core drill motors, to learn from our esteemed Eng. Huang who is experienced and professional in diamond core drill motor R&D, technical resolving.

2020 Bycon First Technical Learning

1. Assemble carbon brushes carrier

2020 Bycon First Technical Learning (1)    

2. Fix rubber ring in a correct way

2020 Bycon First Technical Learning (2)

3. Sales propose questions to Eng. Huang

Salesmen learned from the first step - assemble carbon brushes carriers to the motor housing, and to the last step - LCD and circuit board connecting. The whole class was full of laughter, in the meantime, everyone raised questions to refer to core drilling machines, including the material we used in spare parts, how to set torsion, how to adjust torsion after a long time operation...etc.

2020 Bycon First Technical Learning (3)

4. How to make each washer and gear in the correct position


5. Last step about LCD and circuit board

Knowing well your products, then you can gain trust and respect from your customers.

In past years, BYCON group gain great success in its distributor network establishment, marketing plan implement and enterprise internal management. We strongly believe there will be a more united and more harmonious society after COVID-19 end up and will have more connection with the world.

Keep learning, keep foolish. Looking forward to the next class!

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