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Types Of Small Rammer Compactors

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Basic model
The basic working weight of the hand-held double-wheel road roller is below 1 ton, between 0.6 ton and 0.8 ton, and the exciting force is between 9 kN and 15 kN. The basic working weight of a driving double-wheel road roller is generally between 1 ton and 4 tons, and the exciting force is between 15 kN and 30 kN.

The upright rammer compactor is also one of the small rammer compactors
Small road rollers are also called hand-held road rollers. At present, small road rollers produced in China are divided into hand-held single-wheel road rollers, hand-held double-wheel road rollers and driving double-wheel road rollers. Engines are divided into diesel engines and gasoline engines.

Operating Conditions of Hand-held Road Roller:

1. Layered compaction of cement stabilized layer in municipal maintenance and replacement construction of highway; Compaction of asphalt concrete at the edges and corners of ditches and wells.
2. When backfilling pipe culverts, passages, abutments and other structures during highway construction, large-scale road rollers cannot compact the working area.
3. Pavement laying and compaction of pavement in construction of landscape of municipal gardens, landscape of real estate and residential quarters, and golf course.
4. For other construction occasions where the construction area is narrow and sensitive to the weight of compaction equipment. Hand-held road rollers can complete the compaction work flexibly and efficiently.

Features of Hand-held Vibratory Road Roller:

It has small volume, compact structure, easy transportation, large working force and high efficiency, which is similar to that of the upright rammer compactor. Hand-held vibratory road roller can be matched with a large roller for use. The extra-large water tank reduces the trouble of filling water back and forth, thus increasing the continuous working time of the equipment. The adjustable folding operation handle provides a comfortable operation environment for operators and is convenient to transport or store after folding.

The steel wheel is equipped with a polyurethane scraper having functions of automatic pressing and automatic cleaning to prevent soil and asphalt from accumulating on the steel wheel, making the compaction smoother.

The hand-held vibratory road roller is especially suitable for compaction around walls with smaller side clearance and curb with higher curb clearance.

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