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Wet Core Bits


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Wet Core Bits

The concrete diamond wet core drill bit is a kind of diamond tools which is used for core drilling, in other words, the cutter to remove a cylinder of concrete, asphalt or other materials. The idea for making holes with a medium or large diameter. For small diameter, the core drill bits are recommended to fix into a hand-held core drill motor. For diameter above 300mm, we recommend to fix core drill bits to rig-mounted core drill motor cause making big holes require for strong power and high torsion of the machine, operators can’t bear its performance and may get harm. For wet core bits, it is mainly used for the professional constructor in construction and it must add water to cool down the temperature that heated because of fast drilling speed and friction of concrete and core bits. It is proposed in a wide choice of diameters, from 12 up to 600 mm. The most popular working length in the market is 450mm. And the fitting thread is 1 1/4" -7 UNC.

Wet Core Bits Products:

We only provide pre diamond core bits to customers, usually, the segment is laser welded to core barrels. Core bits can be supplied with any diameter and length upon request.

With a wide range of quality grades, you can get inexpensive bits or high performing long lasting bits and everything in-between all made with high safety standards in mind. Bycon Wet Core Bit is designed for Hard Concrete, Granite, Brick, Reinforced Concrete, and Concrete Block. It will outperform any other wet bit on the market.

In accordance with diverse requirements in markets, we developed and did researches on the matrix of the diamond. Finally, we made it come true to have a different formula to cater the market demands. 

Now, there are three series of wet core bits in our company.

Blue Wind Series: faster speed and good life
Tornado Series: longer life and good speed
Chetak Series: good overall performance

You will make the most of your money to get diamond core bits from Bycon!

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