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Petrol Hammer Drill


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Petrol Hammer Drill

Petrol hammer drill driven by gasoline engine is a broken tool practical for drilling, crushing and breaking. In some countries, it is also named rotary hammer but be started by petrol, a hand-held power tool, is perform for heavy duty tasks for drilling and breaking. It is safe, lightweight and easily exercisable. It is not dependant on the power supply, large air compressors, electric generators and other auxiliary equipment that can be used anywhere on the merits praise at home and abroad users. A very efficient machine with the compact structure as it could be, provide a bigger impact force to concrete than the traditional power supply because it is supplied directly by an engine instead of an aided air compressor.

Petrol Hammer Drill Products:

Most hammer drills allow the hammer and rotation functions to be used separately or in combination, like, hammer mode, drill mode, or both. Our petrol have drill makes hammer mode and drill mode in one machine.  In order to properly use gasoline hammer to prevent accidents from occurring, before work, please read the instructions carefully, you will understand the various components of the machine instructions and the necessary checks and related maintenance. 

There is a adjust knob on the machine for operators to control what function they applied. When used in the drilling function, the tool provides a drilling function similar to a jackhammer. The gearbox is filled with oil, which allows them to operate durable despite hand-held the large torsion and vibration they receive and the grit-filled environments where they are often used.

The shank we used is "SDS-MAX" a standard shank that allows the drill bit to slide back and forth in the machine when it is working. The pointed chisel and drill chisel are packed together as standard accessories. 

You can feel how powerful it is, cause the excellent transmission of for from hammer to surface ground.

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