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Petrol Breaker


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Petrol Breaker

Petrol breaker, well know as petrol jack hammer or demolition hammer, is a petrol engine driven tool that consists of a hammer directly with a chisel. In traditional industries, manufacturers always apply to electricity or pneumatic to activate jack hammer. However, it is not convenient enough due to its limitation of other equipment. Pneumatic and electric jack hammer can't be moved too far from its power supplier, or you have to carry its air compressor or electric generator to complete your job in a big area.

Petrol Breaker Products: 

Considering the limitation and disadvantage of pneumatic and electric jack hammers, we developed the first petrol jack hammer in China. The working principle is same, an internal hammer up and down in cylinder to drive the jack hammer. The hammer is first driven down to strike the back and then back up to return the hammer to the original position to repeat the cycle. The effectiveness of petrol breaker depends on how much force applied to the tool. It is generally used to break the hard surface, rock or stone in construction sites. They are representatively used to break up pavement, and concrete, split hard rocks, tear up foundation and etc. Of cause, to maximize its convenience, the weight of petrol breaker is around 14KG, it is one-man operate machine, a full-sized portable jackhammer makes it practical for breaking hard materials, but it is impractical to breaking against walls or against steep slopes by one person, as the user would have to both support the weight of the tool, and push the back against the work after each blow. And it needs to watch out falling rock, it must wear safety helmet in working size, also it is better to have an ear-muff to protect the ear from loud noise.

The gear set and strong steel of structure jackhammer to a top-quality petrol jack hammer. Our engineers designed the gear cover as the shape of transformers and we have the patent for this unique design, this small gadget help us and our distributors win business.

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