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Magnetic Drill


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Magnetic Drill

The magnetic drilling machine is a kind of drilling machine with the electromagnetic base. It can use twist drill bits, annular cutters and do tap threads with matched cutting bits. Its combination of a stable magnetic base and low RPMs help resist or reduce torque forces created by large diameter bits. A portable magnetic drilling machine is used on steel or other magnetic materials, is applicable to the drilling of various complex steel structure, especially for Nuclear Station, Ship building, Paper-making, Bridge Project, Engineering Machinery, Mining Machinery, etc. It gives an accuracy of 0.01 mm to 0.05mm in steel or other magnetic materials. The drill bits used for this machines are generally made from high-speed steel(HSS) or are tungsten carbide tipped(TCT).

Magnetic Drill Products:

It is an important and indispensable part of our product line. We divided our mag drill into three series, professional series for annular cutting, multi-functional series and professional automatic tapping series.

Professional series for annular cutting, its working diameter from 12mm to 80mm. We pretty understand how it is important that the accuracy for core drilling in the workpiece. In order to decrease the error value. We make some improvements on our machines. First, there is a front guard in the Shipbuildingmagnetic drill to resist or reduce the vibration of the drill motor. Second, the material cutter can be assembled to core drill motor directly instead of through a shank. These two measures give an accuracy of 0.01 mm to 0.05mm.

Multi-functional series make twist drilling, annual cutting and tapping all in one machine. Its main functions are twist drilling and annular cutting. But motor can be set as forwarding drilling or reverse drilling, this function helps operators do tapping if it is not often required.

Automatic tapping series, just as its name implies, this series has automatic reversal function which is good at thread tapping. And we set rebound function on the machine to avoid the sudden dropping of motor.

You will get more and astonished by the performance of our magnetic drill machine.

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