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Floor Saw


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Floor Saw

Floor saw is a construction equipment for road and floor cutting, used for cutting concrete, masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials. We offer walk behind concrete floor saw and cutting depth reach to 140mm and 190mm for two models respectively. They are portable and strong to do a cutting task well.

Floor Saw Products:

High cutting speed and durability make Bycon concrete floor sawing machine popular and with good prestige in the construction business. Bycon walk-behind concrete floor saws are designed for strength, durability, and performance. Whether cutting concrete or asphalt, the reinforced steel box frame design adds strength necessary to reduce vibrations while sawing. Minimizing vibrations enhances the performance of the blade and extends the life of the saw. Using high-quality motor to ensure the long-lasting performance, Specifically designed with a heavy duty Anti-Vibrational engine mount.

As we all know, cutting concrete is a tough job, but it doesn't have to be hard with Bycon construction machines. Whether you're cutting concrete blocks, slabs or floors. Now we have two models of concrete floor saw, the smaller is DFS-350 and the larger one is DFS-500, with max blade diameter reach to 350mm and 500mm respectively.

Following are some common features of our floor sawing machines, we pretty sure you will enjoy when you use our floor saws.

1. Super-rigid frame ensures straight cuts while resisting warping and vibration which prolongs saw life.
2. Perfect for cutting and repairing sidewalks and driveways
3. Comfortable grip handles for lessening fatigue of daily working.
4. Easy crank for raising or lowering cutting depth.
5. To provide easy blade replacement, we design hinge front and lift-up blade guard for it.
6. Throttle control comes standard.
7. Large integrated water tank, quick connection for the water hose to the blade guard.
8. Standard arbor size can accept common cutting blades. Easy to raising and lowing blades by a screw feed.

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