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Floor Grinder


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Floor Grinder

Bycon manufacture and supply concrete floor grinders and floor polisher for construction. Concrete floor grinding machine is a machine that is designed for fast removal of coatings and concrete and trip hazard removals such as council footpaths and public spaces, for leveling, smoothing, and cleaning concrete surfaces.

Floor Grinder Products:

Now we have three models of concrete floor grinders in the factory with different working diameter and meet your market requirements.

Designed and Built right here at Bycon, our engineer team removals that you will prove the exceptionally high-quality machine will generate an awesome return on investment, also the wholesome sales team and after-sales service group will provide their professional advice at any time you required.

For floor grinder DFG-250 and DFG-250E we use the coupling to connect the motor and grinding head, which is the heart of the machine and allowing the diamond grinding heads and shoes to follow undulations in floors. The detachable dust shroud is good for containing concrete and thousands of experienced contractors already enjoy it very much. If you disassemble shroud, you will find this floor grinder is also doing a good job in grinding wall border.
All floor grinder from our factory is with a vacuum port to keep the working environment clean. You will also love its water port for wet grinding and single lifting point.

We dedicated to being the top grinder for use in small areas, Bycon concrete floor grinder has a durable and strong construction. Its portability makes it easy for one person to maneuver it, and the adjustable position makes operation a comfortable experience. The frame of grinders can be folded, which leads to easier storage and transport. Equipped with a level bubble to help you check the if the grinding head is in level state or not.

Our mission is to enable you to perform your best potential and save your time and energy on demanding jobs.

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