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Dry Core Bits


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Dry Core Bits

Dry diamond core drill bits with high standards and quality are designed for core drilling soft brick, masonry, and concrete building block. like the name suggests, can be used without water. For reinforced concrete and granite, please use wet core bits. The diameter size of diamond core bits for dry drilling is always small size cause there is no water for cooling heat in drilling, and there would be air slot for cooling and light-weight. Bycon offers a variety of diamond core bits for dry drilling from 1" to 7" in 300mm, 150mm working length. Usually, we use 1/2" BSP end fitting or 5/8"-11 arbor size.

Dry Core Bits Products: 

Bycon only provides pre diamond core bits to customers, usually, the segment is laser welded to core barrels. Diamond dry core bits can be supplied with any diameter and length upon your request.

It is more convenient and more friendly to use dry core bits to DIY users. However, the power of dry core bits is not enough to match the drilling power of diamond wet core bits.

If you are not sure whether you should choose the wet core bits or dry core bits, please contact us to let us help you. Following is a small step to guide you choose the right diamond core drilling tools by yourselves.

The first is recognizing the materials of your target and the equipment of drilling power tools. Diamond core bits are very suitable, convenient and user-friendly to drilling soft brick and building block (concrete block), please make sure there are no rebars in it. And the most recommended power tools for dry core bits are rotary hammer drill and a handheld core drill motor. 

If you don't know how to proceed with dry core bits, let us do you a favor!

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