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Core Drill Motor


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Core Drill Motor

The diamond core drill motor is for the intended purpose of diamond core drilling of concrete, masonry, stone and similar materials. Concrete core drill motor ideal for professional drilling applications on account of its easy operation and robust, sturdy construction. It has a different operating method based on the diameter of concrete core you would like to take.

Core Drill Motor Products:

In Bycon, we generally divided our core drill motors into two types. Handheld and rig-mounted due to its different structure, weight, and purpose. All our core drilling machines are equipped with a water feed system which is required for the diamond core drilling process. It must add some water when drilling a concrete so that the service life of core drill motor and core bits would be longer. It makes a Bycon core drill system your most profitable investment that you can drill more and more holes per working hour. The high efficiency of our core drill motor is the secret of its success.

We are not feel astonished that our customers tell us how their new Bycon core drill system has helped them nearly double their production rate. It is the best reward we get from operators. Whatever your requirements are when it refers to core drills, it's the focus on productivity that makes a Bycon concrete core drill system being extraordinary in the market.

When developing and improving our core drill motors, drill stands, and diamond bits we look at the whole system, and at every part, to find ways to make skilled drill operators work even more efficiently and effortlessly.

We want to create something new that benefits the entire business. There are also some common features of our core drill motors we are proud to claim.

1. Powerful motor with high power reserves and a long lifetime
2. Specially-made stator and rotator for better service.
3. 3-speed regulation for different drilling diameter.
4. magnesium alloy shell for lightweight.

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