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Mechanical high-efficiency post driver


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Mechanical high-efficiency post driver

A mechanical high-efficiency post driver (such as 100mm post driver) for erecting pole projects in industries such as telecommunications, cable broadcasting, low-voltage power transmission and the like, which consists of a manual gear shift winch, a lifting bracket, a guide wire rope and a traction device. The power of the manual gear shift winch changes direction through the lifting bracket and the guide wire rope, and the pole is pulled to the vertical position by the most labor-saving lifting angle determined by the optimization method. The utility model has the greatest advantages of low operating labor intensity, large safety factor, working efficiency more than 5 times as high as that of a human post driver, reduction of operators by more than 2 / 3, small volume, light weight, adaptability to complex environment operation, convenient transportation, and convenience for volume production.

The existing erecting pole projects in telecommunications, cable broadcasting and low-voltage power transmission industries are mostly carried out by manpower, which has some disadvantages.

The purpose of the utility model is to provide a mechanical high-efficiency post driver (such as 100mm post driver) which is simple in structure, light in weight, small in volume, labor-saving and efficient, and especially safe and reliable because operators are far away from electric poles to operate.

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