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Detailed Explanation of Four Kinds of Rock Drilling Machines


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Detailed Explanation of Four Kinds of Rock Drilling Machines

What are the classifications of rock drills? Rock drill is a tool for directly mining rock. According to its power source, it can be divided into four categories: pneumatic rock drill, internal combustion rock drill, electric rock drill and hydraulic rock drill. Pneumatic rock drill Pneumatic piston driven by compressed air strikes forward in cylinder, so that steel drills rock, it is the most widely used. Internal combustion rock drill The internal combustion rock drill does not need to replace the internal parts of the head, only needs to move the handle according to the requirements, and can operate. The utility model has the advantages of convenient operation, more time-saving, labor-saving, fast drilling speed and high efficiency. When drilling holes in rocks, they can be drilled vertically down and horizontally up to less than 45 degrees, and the deepest drilling hole can be drilled vertically down to six meters. No matter in high mountain or flat land, no matter in the hot area of 40 degrees or in the cold area of 40 degrees below zero, the machine can work. It has a wide range of adaptability. Electric rock drill Electric hammer is driven by motor through crank and connecting rod mechanism to impact steel brazing and drill rocks. By using the mechanism of discharging powder, the stone chips are discharged, and by using the principle of internal combustion engine, the piston is driven by the explosive force of gasoline to impact steel brazing and chisel rocks. Suitable for construction site without power supply and air source. Hydraulic rock drill The natural gas-driven rock drill in hydraulic rock drill impacts steel brazing by natural gas to drill rock. When the impact mechanism of these rock drills returns, the rotation angle of the steel braze is forced by the rotary brazing mechanism, so that the bit can change its position and continue to drill rock. The piston is driven by the explosive force of diesel oil to impact the steel brazing, so that the piston is continuously impacted and rotated, and the stone chips are discharged by the powder discharging mechanism, then the holes can be drilled. Hangzhou Bycon Industry Co., Ltd. sells gas powered jackhammer for sale, pneumatic rock drills, internal combustion rock drills and electric rock drills all year round. Welcome to order.

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