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  • The Big 5 Show Dupai 
    Nov 25-28,2019
    Booth No:Z1E138
  • The 126th Canton Fair
    Oct 15-19,2019
    Phase1 15.2D21-22

Company Profile

In the 2005s a German came to China and brought the latest German technology in the diamond core drilling industry.

bycon Company Profile

bycon Company Profile

A new China-Germany joint venture company was established in 2005.
Armed with little more than determination we produced our first professional core drill rig and core drill motor with German design and technology.
As the years passed, we continue a tradition of innovation and technical achievements such as the petrol core drill, drilling lift, table saw and floor grinder, etc
Till now, we have the most professional and complete range of core drill rigs and core drill motors, floor grinders, table saws…etc.

It is the development history of old Bycon.

bycon Company Profile

bycon Company Profile

New Bycon is a brave and young group full of sincere communication and innovative spirit.
It is a new start absorbing all the best professional production experience and technology in diamond drilling, cutting and sawing industry.
We are committed to building Bycon into a first-class, Non-stop, and international modern enterprise.
We give the best experience and enjoy our customers in diamond drilling, cutting, sawing and grinding.

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bycon Company Profile

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