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Brief Introduction of Portable Diamond Drill Rig


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Brief Introduction of Portable Diamond Drill Rig

The portable diamond drill rig is compact and simple in structure. All parts of the drilling rig, including the drill pipe, can be transported by a 5-ton truck. In areas with inconvenient transportation conditions, manual or workhorse can be used to transport by the trail, greatly saving the investment in building temporary roads for customers, shortening the exploration period, saving labor, and reducing the risk and cost of transportation. The drilling rig adopts hydraulic drive, modularization, safe and reliable structure, easy to operate, reduce labor intensity, and more humanized; 12-volt dc power supply is adopted in the airport, which makes the power consumption safer. When the machine is moved, it is easy to disassemble, easy to install and easy to complete the moving of the drill. The maximum weight of a single component in a drilling rig shall not exceed 250 kg and the total weight shall be 1200 kg.

The new structure of the drill tower is safe Rig Angle can be adjusted in the range of 45 ° ~ 90 °, the drill can be - 45 ° ~ 90 ° inclined hole drilling, no need to the tower operation, reduce the tower operation of security risks, increase the safety factor of the operation.

Compact drilling RIGS are environmentally friendly Particularly suited to the terrain in the mountains cutting big environment construction or in the forest, drill installation just 4 Ⅹ 4 meters or less work on flat ground. There is no need to build a temporary transportation road, solve the problem of digging a large number of earthwork or cutting down more trees when leveling machine, reduce the damage to vegetation and environment, reduce the compensation amount for drilling temporary leased land, so as to protect the construction site and the surrounding environment to the maximum extent.

High quality and efficiency in energy saving and consumption reduction Portable diamond drill rig can ensure that the diamond drill bit has higher rotation speed and the drilling tool is more stable to cut the rock, which greatly shortens the exploration period and reduces the cost.

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