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Premium Universal Diamond Saw Blades

Optional arbor size for common machines in market. It is universal blades, for reinforced concrete, ceramic tiles, brick, granite, hard marble. For cutting in different base materials.
  • Universal Saw Blades Series

Universal Purpose blades are designed to cut a variety of materials from concrete and asphalt to stone. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive diamond blade solutions to meet your unique needs. 

Welding manners: Laser-welded, hot press

Art numberDiameter(mm)RabbitArbor holeThickness ofSegment ofQuantity of segment
 blades(mm) size(mm)
3010115115Narrow U22.231.4mm30×10×2.28
3010125125Narrow U22.231.4mm30×10×2.29
3010230230Narrow U22.231.8mm38×10×2.416
3010300300Narrow U25.42.2mm40×10×320
3010350350Narrow U25.42.2mm40×10×3.224
3010400400Narrow U25.42.4mm40×10×3.428
3010450450Narrow U25.42.8mm40×10×3.632
3010500500Narrow U25.43.0mm40×10×3.836
3010600600Narrow U25.43.5mm40×10×4.442

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