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Fence Post Driver DPD-100 2-Stroke 100mm Gas Petrol

Post driver DPD-100 is designed for professional markets. Fast speed and large power is it dominant advantage.
  • DPD-100

Ideal for fencing, farming, vineyards, landscaping, construction... Any shape posts up to 100mm.

Petrol post driver is a kind of tools which is used for driving fence posts/stakes/rods/timber/pipes into the surface of the ground. It is driven by the petrol engine, compare to manual post driver, it is more powerful and easy-operating. It can be operated by one person. No pipe, the generator is required.

As the earliest fence post driver designer in China, we devoted to professional post drivers. Piledriver DPD-100 is compact, powerful and lightweight with concise design and engine with large power and displacement.

Main Features:

1. Optional engine: Our standard type is 2-stroke, 51.7cc engine. But customers also can choose 4-stroke, 37.7cc Chinese engine or Original Honda GX35.

2. Large power and hit frequency: It is easy to driver posts into the ground surface, even in harsh environment.

3. Unique support for the engine: It can protect engine and fuel tank from abrasion, especially when operator lies down post driver in the ground.

4. Heavy-duty gear set: No worn-quick problem anymore.

5. Less vibration: The handle is cover by rubber and with 4 damping springs to reduce vibration as less as possible. Protect operators when driving posts.

6. Portable: Powered by petrol, no electric needed.

7. BMC carry case: Packed in BMC carry case for easy transportation and storage.

8. Lightweight: Only 18.5KG, no more unhandy post drivers, can be used all day without fatigue.



Art number


Max. Post diameter

100mm / 120mm





Fuel tank volume

1 L


mixed oil(25:1)

Max power and correspond rotating speed

1.4 kw / 6500 r/min

Max torque and speed



≤104 dB(A)

Fuel consumption rate

≤610 g/kw.h

Impact Frequency

Impact frequency

Impact Energy

25-50 J

Carburetor type

Diaphragm type

Starter system

Hand pull start

Optional 120mm adapter

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