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DFG-480 Concrete Grinding Machine Terrazzo Floor Grinder With Vacuum

DFG-480 is a robust single phase 220V reliable concrete floor grinder that combines High Diamond Speed with optimum weight for the most effective.
  • DFG-480

With vacuum port, professional for dry grinding, you will be impressive by its productivity. Pro floor grinder.

This floor grinding machine has 2200W, 26660RPM powerful motor and a practical transmission system of power leads to the ultra power when you are grinding floor.

DFG-480 is capacity of 480mm. Customers choose different size grinding wheels for floor grinding. The terrific magnetic holding system helps operators to change grinding wheels in seconds. Usually, it is suitable for three pieces 180mm grinding wheels. Also accepts 6 pieces 4" / 5" grinding wheels and 2" grinding plugs. The versatility of accepting grinding disc in a different size.

Main features:

1. LED display: a unique device in floor grinder, directly shows the information about the current situation, like the total run hour, current voltage and etc.

2. Folding frame: with 5 positions to adjust the height of the frame. It can save room in displaying, easy for transportation, cater to operators in different heights.

3. Dust shroud and vacuum port: can be connected with an industrial vacuum cleaner to achieve dust-free operation.

4. Level bubble equipped: to check if the grinding machine is in level state or not. Horizontal adjustment is easy to use.

5. More user-friendly: with the holder for a drinking cup.



Art number



2200W / 3HP


220V, 50HZ / 110V, 60HZ


Single phase

Number of disc


Disc size

180mm (7")

Motor speed

2660 RPM

Head speed

380 RPM

Disc speed

Floating speed

Production rate

50-75 m2/H

Machine size


Planetary type

3 disc - passive

Max head pressure


Additional weight




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