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Bycon has been in construction machines for many years. We mainly focus on concrete construction machines and light construction machines.  
We understand how dangerous and tough the construction areas could be: too much dust, too heavy and complicated machines, hazardous working at heights, trivial working in the ground.

Contractors without a powerful and professional machine means waste time and energy in construction sites; wholesalers and distributors without good construction machines leads to less competitive in market and will lose customers gradually.

Operators are becoming more and more selective about construction machines, they will know its performance once operation. Quality is the best spokesman. We no longer be satisfied with the old-fashioned construction machines. Armed with Germany technology, through the constant test and innovation, we are proud to be one of leading construction machines companies in China, our products with the characteristic of high power, high quality, cost-efficient.

BYCON concrete construction machines help to make demanding construction jobs easier, quicker, safer. The construction machines’ range covers diamond core drill machines, floor grinding machines, road machines and etc...

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