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1600mm Travel Length Drill Rig Concrete Core Drill Stand DSP-2000

Bycon DSP-2000 is specially designed with a long column, the max travel length reach to 1600mm, max drilling capacity up to 352mm, very suitable for most typical applications with rig-mounted motors.
  • DSP-2000

The excellent power-to-weight ratio and user-friendly setup together with the high stability and robustness of the stand, offer you a complete setup and is the perfect choice for heavy-duty applications. With the functional interaction of the well-engineered, yet reasonably priced components the system offers you a great price-/performance ratio.

Main features:

1. Tilt capability of the column: the drill stand can be tilted to 45 degrees.

2. 60mm motor plate: quick release motor plate which can be accepted to most brands.

3. Two crank gears option: In addition to the standard 1:1 crank gearing, our stands also include a second built-in crank spindle with reduction gearing of 2:1. This makes drilling in large sizes a lot easier on the operator.

4. New material for carriage: AZ91D Magnesium alloy for carriage and the inner roller is an aluminum alloy.

5. Automatic spring lock to adjust bars: an automatic spring back inside for easy changing of angle.

6. "One for all" crank handle: a crank handle is also a tool as 13mm wrench.

7. Aluminum column and steel teeth: the excellent combination of lightweight and long service life. Steel teeth also provide more accurate scale even used for many times.

8. Tool-free carriage lock lever: easy to relieve the pressure if you move the handle a little bit.



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